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Terminate the Terminator?

Sometimes it seems like Hollywood just doesn’t know when to stop when it comes to franchises. Christopher Nolan has directed his last Dark Night movie, but we’re going to be subjected to yet another Terminator? What’s wrong with this picture?

terminator-terminator-297645_1280_1024Morgan and David Ellison, current owners of the rights to the Terminator franchise, apparently plan on releasing two new films before 2019, when the rights will revert back to Terminator’s original director James Cameron. Because it’s so early in the process, we have no idea what these next two Terminator movies will be about. One thing does seem certain: Arnold Schwarzenegger will be back to play the title role. The action star confirmed this in a recent interview about his current movie, The Last Stand.

Many have questioned the decision to revive the franchise yet again, and wondered specifically about how the writers will incorporate an aging Arnold into the plot. Will he play a starring role or a smaller part? Will he be CGI-ed back to younger days a la Jeff Bridges in Tron, will he appear as a computer animated image as in Terminator Salvation, or will the writers find some way to explain away an aging robot?

Rumor has it the Ellison siblings paid around $20 million for the rights to make these next two movies…how much of a return can they expect on that investment? Worldwide box office revenues have been declining on this franchise, with Terminator 2 earning $519 million in 1991, Terminator 3 earning $433 million in 2003, and Terminator Salvation earning $371 million in 2009.

We’ll have to gamble the roulette and just wait and see whether these next two movies can do better, or if they will finally terminate the Terminator franchise.