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Teen Cinema: What to Expect Post-Twilight

The end of an era fast approaches with the upcoming release of the final instalment of the “Twilight” saga. “Breaking Dawn: Part Two” completes the tale of Bella Swan, now Bella Cullen, who over the course of four films has found and fought for true love, and has now become a vampire and, more importantly, a mother who is determined to fight for the lives of her new family, her friends, and her child. The film is certain to be a wild success—but what comes next in teen cinema?

The Hunger Games” is already set to be the immediate successor to the throne that “Twilight” will soon relinquish. The film series, starring Jennifer Lawrence, is an action-packed alternative to the saga and stars Jennifer Lawrence as a young woman fighting for her life and, ultimately, for an entire country of people who have been oppressed by a fearful regime. But “The Hunger Games” is not the only teen series in production at the moment, and it will have to fight for the top spot as several other films stand waiting in the wings to take over as the biggest teen flick. If you Need Money for the cinema, you better get it now! There are many great films to come in the near future.EndersWorld_Final_800x1200

One highly anticipated feature is the “Mortal Instruments” series which begins with “City of Bones”, telling the story of a young girl from New York who is thrust into a fearsome underworld of vampires, demons, and other horrifying monsters when she encounters a team of demon hunters led by the attractive and dangerous Jace. A strange secret threatens the burgeoning love affair between these two teens. “City of Bones” could very likely overtake “Twilight” with its dark themes and its mysterious antihero.

Then there is, of course, “Ender’s Game”, based on the book of the same name. The original novel has been a classic since it was originally released twenty years ago and it is predicted that this will take the coveted spot of teen films geared towards young men, a spot that has been suspicious vacant since Twilight-mania took over with the release of the first movie.

Whatever the next reigning champion is in the fight for top teen flick, it seems certain that teen cinema is here to stay as one of the biggest genres in film.

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